5ive Man Confession (2008)

5ive Man Confession: When Terrell McFarland decides to invite his four closest friends from college to his new home, he meant it to be a chance to reunite with each other and reminisce on the past. All five men have become very successful since their college days - Russ is a major hip-hop music producer, Leroy is a leading African American scholar, Joey was a standout NFL football player, and Kendrick is a prominent doctor. It is like old time when they gather in Terrell's house joking and teasing each other, but as they say 'old memories never die'. When Karen Worthy, a woman from their college days they all shared a relationship with, appears unannounced, the atmosphere grows hauntingly intense. Casual conversation turns into harsh accusations of how they each mistreated her and Terrell unveils a startling revelation that leads to one damning confession that may crucify them all.
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