Amaanat (1994)

Amaanat: Bus driver Vijay (Sanjay Dutt) lives in a small village which suffers from a persistent drought. The villagers’ only hope are well-filled wells of thakur Lankeshwar (Kiran Kumar), but the thakur will give them water only on the condition that they in return sell their land properties to him. Vijay accepts this condition and thus secures water supply to the village for one month. Then he takes all his savings and goes to Bombay in order to buy a tube well for the village. But as soon as he arrives there, his entire money is stolen. Shortly thereafter, Vijay saves a man’s life; it is Amar (Akshay Kumar), a thief who recognizes Vijay as the man whom he had stolen the money bag. Without telling Vijay the truth, Amar invites him to stay in his flat, and they become friends. Vijay gets a job at the rich Agarwal Seth’s (Mukesh Khanna) and works hard, but he runs out of time – the villagers are dying of thirst, while Lankeshwar, his brother Rajeshwar (Kiran Kumar) and Agarwal’s spoilt son Niranjan (Gulshan Grover) already decide about what’s going to happen with their land...
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