Asian American Beauty A Discourse on Body Image (2007)

2007 . . .
Asian American Beauty A Discourse on Body Image: An otherwise taboo subject to talk about among specifically Asian Americans, students at Columbia University are now speaking out. Asian Americans are like any other American struggling with issues of body image while at the same time facing pressures coming from their own respective cultures. There exists the contradiction of how Asian American girls are pressured in this society to look both "western" and "Asian." This includes pressures on how many Asian American girls are supposed to play up this well-known image of looking innocent, weak, and petite as "attractive", but at the same time mainstream media depicts Asian American females as alluring, "exotic," and sexy. This film hopefully seeks to inspire others around the world to undertake similar projects that would focus deeper into these issues regarding body image and perhaps more specifically Asian American body image. Therefore, this is only the beginning.
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