Bad Day on the Block (1997)

1997 . . .
Bad Day on the Block: Decorated Los Angeles firefighter Lyle Wilder once saved a baby's life in a crack-house fire, but without anyone knowing it, Lyle left the baby's mother to die in the fire because Lyle thought that any mother who takes a baby into a crack-house is an unfit mother. Lyle is violent, and his wife Marge and son Kenny don't like it. Marge and Kenny leave Lyle because of the violent tendencies, which included pulling a gun on Marge, who has filed a restraining order against Lyle, and Marge and Kenny leaving has caused Lyle to slip over the edge. Lyle believes that the neighboring family Reese Braverton, his wife Catherine, and the Bravertons' two kids Zach and Chelsea are to blame for Marge and Kenny leaving, so Lyle starts terrorizing the Bravertons. When the Bravertons report Lyle to the police, officers Al Calavito and Sandy Tierra respond, and because of Lyle's status as the firefighter hero who saved a baby from a fire, Calavito and Tierra refuse to believe the Bravertons. Things get deadly when Lyle kills a repairman named Ron, then Lyle kills Calavito and Tierra, and finally launches a terrifying attack on the Bravertons in their home, and Catherine and Reese will stop at nothing to protect Zach and Chelsea from Lyle.
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