Barnyard 2: Back At The Barnyard When No Ones Looking (2008)

2008 . . .
Barnyard 2: Back At The Barnyard When No Ones Looking: Ever wonder what barnyard animals really do when people aren't looking? In this Nickelodeon animated series inspired by the movie Barnyard: The Original Party Animals, Otis the cow, Pip the mouse, Duke the dog, and a host of other talking barnyard animals love to party and have fun, but their brazen ways put them constantly at risk of being discovered by the farmer and his busybody neighbor Mrs. Beady. While Mrs. Beady's visions of animals acting like people are easily explained away by her husband Nathan as crazy talk, the animals are careful to keep their escapades secret from the farmer. Whether living out their fantasies as animal superheroes, running a successful truffle pie restaurant in the barn, seeking out a romantic companion for the lonely farmer, or blasting into space, the barnyard animals can be counted upon to get into one crazy predicament after another. Eleven-minute episodes are the perfect format for Barnyard's constant gags and silly humor, a factor that actually makes the series more entertaining than the original movie.
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