Dark Science (2008)

Dark Science: In 1910 a team of young Swedish scientists sailed to the far north of Australia in search of the missing link between Man and Ape. They did not find it and, in their search, they lost themselves. The expedition returned to Sweden with illegally smuggled indigenous human remains and artefacts accompanying the flora and fauna they collected. Dark Science tells the story of an expedition gone badly awry, of a megalomaniacal leader and of the men who found paradise but failed to recognise it.World renowned Australian actor Jack Thompson provides the narration for a story which takes the viewer to the turn of 20th Century Australia and the spectacular Kimberley area of Western Australia, there to follow scientist Eric Mjoberg and his expedition on their blighted journey. Along the way we are given a shocking glimpse into the mind of early 20th century Western man. The film's writer, Aboriginal playwright David Milroy, skilfully weaves the historical with the modern. Those affected by Mjoberg's actions are able to reflect and comment on the impact of Mjoberg's journey on themselves and their ancestors. As counterpoint Lotte Mjoberg, the explorer's grand niece, recounts her both physical journey to the present day Kimberley and her internal journey in seeking an understanding of her grand uncle's actions and desires. The remains that he took from the Kimberleys were returned to Australia in 2003 by the Swedish Government , the first repatriation of human remains by a major European Museum.
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