Divine Intervention (2007)

Divine Intervention: The town of Ware, MA is like any other small rural town - twenty-somethings with little direction causing trouble, over-sexed housewives seducing their daughter's friends, crazy former crack heads starting religious cults...just a quaint stop off Route 9. Everybody in Ware seems to have a void to fill - they just use different means. Steve Reynolds had been filling his void with drugs, but a vision of God has now inspired him to "recruit people into the Lord's army." His methods for bringing about a spiritual awakening are twofold - either prayer or crossbow(if one doesn't work, the other always does). While on his modern day crusade "Father" Reynolds must fight his own obsessive compulsive demons as well as a checkered past, a slew of uncontrollable Disciples and a tendency to relate the Old Testament to Survivor. Will Steve will be able to save the sinners from their sins with a little divine intervention? Only God knows.
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