Il ladrone (1980)

1980 . . .
Il ladrone: Caleb "son of nobody" (Enrico Montesano) lives in Galilee in Jesus day and struggles as a thief and con-man pretending to be a magician. When he witnesses Jesus turning water into wine he thinks hes found a competitor. So Caleb goes on convinced that Jesus is a fake just as he is always trying to figure out his tricks. In the meantime he gets involved with a prostitute (played by Edwige Fenech) but also with the wife of a Roman patrician (played by the equally alluring Bernadette Lafont) he steals a few goats and cons a few people he befriends a lovable dog and gets in trouble with some Roman soldiers. In the end he is convicted for theft and crucified ending up on Jesus right. Manages to steal a necklace and then lose it and find Deborah with whom he shared his life. Always fascinated by the figure of Christ continue to believe that a magician cleverer than him will end on the cross with him an old man accused of theft. So its kinda like "Life of Brian" only with italians.
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