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Metamorphoses (2011)

Metamorphoses (2011) : Metamorphoses: Sung-gil Oh is a budding comic artist who suffers in slump, so-called Writer's Block. Trying to get out of a slump, Sung-gil drives his mom's car to a park for a working out everyday. However, the real reason he works out is to see a charming girl that he has a crush on(even though he has a girlfriend). One day, Sung-gil finally gets a chance to talk to her after 2 months waiting. But after a while he was following her, Sung-gil gets lost in woods. And then, one stranger comes up to puzzled Sung-gil. This man seems friendly and suggests Sung-gil pitching(he even hands out balls to). However, he never hits a ball that Sung-gil pitches. When Sung-gil tries to quit pitching, the man claims that he wants some money for batting. Now, Sung-gil feels fear for this shifted situation around himself...
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