Night Market Hero (2011)

Night Market Hero (2011) : Night Market Hero: Chen Yi-hua, known to his friends as Ah Hua, narrowly wins the 888 Night Market union leader election despite the dirty tricks of rival Tsai Hung-kuei. But the stall holders of the night market are anything but united, competing for customers in a war that pits the tastiness of juicy steaks against the flavor of jumbo chicken fillets. Ah Hua falls for reporter Yi-nan, setting her up to win the night marketís beauty contest that she has only come to photograph. In shock, she unwittingly disrupts the marketís power supply and must serve her community service at the market, helping out at different stalls. When sheís dumped by her boyfriend Chris, she begins to recognise Ah Huaís qualities. Meanwhile, property developers are planning a fifteen-storey building atop the market with shopping malls, gyms and a hotel, and are paying off local councillor Chang Chin-liang with a multi-million dollar bribe. When gangsters trash the market, Ah Hua decides to unite the stallholders to fight for their livelihoods while Yi-nan employs the power of the media.
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