Repli-Kate (2002)

Repli-Kate: A teenage scientist/lab technician named Max Fleming has just met the perfect woman whom he dreamed of; beautiful, smart and sexy magazine reporter Kate Carson who is trying to gain some scientific information from Max. Unfortunately, a science geek like Max isn't the type of male Kate admired of. However, one day, during an experiment, Max accidentally clones Kate. With the help of his buddy Henry, Max transforms his Repli-Kate into a more mature and masculine type of person, as well as taking advantage towards the situations. But, it was such a thrill for Max when his maniacal boss, Dr.Jonas, has the real Kate return to finish off her story on the genetic lab. Soon, Max realizes that the true Kate represents true perfection and love rather then the too-much Repli-Kate. Not only that, the real Kate begins to fall for Max too, until she discovers Max's little secret.
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