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Rifftrax: The Wicker Man (2007)

Rifftrax: The Wicker Man (2007) : Rifftrax: The Wicker Man: "Wicker Man" dares to depict a nightmarish world in which Nicolas Cage punches a woman in the face so that he can steal her bear costume. And this after having stolen at gunpoint a bike belonging to a woman dressed as a magpie and then going on to knock out Leelee Sobieski by kicking her in the breadbasket. If this doesnt sound scary may I remind you that theres WICKER! Neil LaBute has done the impossible by making the most unintentionally funny movie since "The Lake House". With such rich fare it would be unthinkable not to let Kevin Murphy in on the fun. And so we did! Kevin and Mike couldnt have had a better time with "The Wicker Man" if hed been made of rattan!.
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