Saxon: The Chronicles (2002)

2002 . . .
Saxon: The Chronicles: British hard rock legends SAXON have been around for over 2 decades, churning out their own custom brand of gritty rock. SAXON have enjoyed enormous success much like their contemporaries, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, and have remained true to their roots, much like those other two groups. SAXON have proven themselves to be a strong live act, and has demonstrated their musical prowess on several live albums. However, one area that has eluded them has been on the home video front. Sure, they have shot a few MTV-style promo videos over the years, but for a band who boasts such a live reputation, SAXON (or their record label) have yet to put out the definitive live concert. Well, Saxon’s new label, SPV, has chosen to rectify that with a new DVD called SAXON: THE SAXON CHRONICLES. * Killing Ground * Motorcycle Man * Dogs Of War * Heavy Metal Thunder * Cut Out The Disease * Solid Ball Of Rock * Metalhead * The Eagle Has Landed * Conquistador * Drum - Solo * Crusader * Power & The Glory * Princess Of The Night * Guitar - Solo * Wheels Of Steel * Strong Arm Of The Law * 20.000 Ft. * Denim & Leather
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