Soldiers in the Army of God (2000)

Soldiers in the Army of God: Since abortion was legalized in 1973, seven people have been killed and more than 150 clinics bombed or set on fire by people who disagreed with Roe v. Wade. Film SOLDIERS IN THE ARMY OF GOD presents the tin soldiers who are behind more than 2,400 incidents of violence against doctors and abortion clinics in the past 28 years. This is a story about the people who are not exercising first amendment rights, they are not trying to "counsel" patients; they are not peaceful picketers. They are - intentionally, openly and usually without restraint - terrorizing people and encouraging others to do the same. They joyfully celebrate murder and maiming, hold banquets and give awards lauding those guilty of arson, bombing and murder, as well as share how-to-manuals with instructions for building bombs, booby traps and sniping. And yet it's all done as an act of faith.
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