The Bourne Redemption (FanEdit) (2008)

The Bourne Redemption (FanEdit): This is a re-envisioning and amalgamation of parts of the first two Bourne Movies to create a Jason Bourne extravaganza with twice the intensity and paranoia. Note: This FanEdit is a compliment to the first two Bourne Movies and in no way is an attempt to improve or correct. This FanEdit is rather a salute to all those involved in the making of those first two Bourne Movies. Also The Bourne Redemption has itís own narrative so try and forget the original Movies story-lines if at all possible while watching this, as they bare no relation to this FanEdit. Tagline: At The Point Of Death, Your Life Runs Before You! Name - The Bourne Redemption Original Film - The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy Film Studio - Universal Editing - Mollo Original Film Release - 2002, 2004 FanEdit Release - 11 June 2008 (V.2 - May 2009) Original Runtime - 114 min New Runtime - 106 min
Director :
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