The Darkening (2005)

The Darkening: Perched on a bluff high above the Californian coast, Rebecca Lacey's (Rebecca Kyler Downs) inn looks peacful. But as famed psychic investigator, Scott Griffin (Jeff Rector) soon finds out, nothing could be further from the truth. Driven by terrifying psychic flashes, he unearths an ancient object covered with arcane symbols...a satanic tool thought to have been destroyed centuries ago. Jeff Rector and George Phillip Saunders also star. A secluded, idyllic hideaway on the California coast hides a horrific secret in this occult chiller. Rebecca Lacey (Rebecca Kyler Downs) runs a clifftop inn that appears peaceful, but when psychic investigator Scott Griffin (Jeff Rector, FIRESTORM RISING) comes for a visit, he uncovers evidence of an alarming evil that resides there. Plagued by fearsome visions and psychic flashes, he is led to an ancient relic covered with esoteric writing. He soon recognizes it as a satanic tool thought to have been annihilated centuries ago; now Griffin must face its evil powers.
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