The Flintstones On the Rocks (2001)

The Flintstones On the Rocks: Fred and Wilma's marriage is in serious jeopardy. After years of Wilma putting up with her husband's lazy, self-centered loitering, Wilma hopes that a second honeymoon at a luxurious hotel (a gift from the equally concerned Rubbles) will finally restore the passion in the relationship; Fred, in the meantime, looks at the idea as another excuse for a personal vacation and takes it for granted. Meanwhile, a professional thief succeeds in acquiring a rare diamond, but he loses possession of it when his handbag is switched with Wilma's, forcing the thief to woo the frustrated Mrs. Flintstone in an effort to reclaim the diamond, leading a worried Fred to reevaluate his own conduct and feelings towards Wilma before he "loses her". The two eventually discover the thief's true purpose and reunite.
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