The Gathering Storm (2002)

The Gathering Storm: Albert Finney offers an excellent presentation of Winston Churchill in the years immediately before World War II. Facing a rising Nazi Germany, most of the British Parliament chooses to look the other way in hopes of peace. Parliament even votes to send Germany airplane engines. Against the wisdom of the other party members, Churchill preaches against the Nazi threat. But the aspect of the film that makes the story a standout is the personal relationship and love he had with his wife, Clementine. Churchill's arrogance strains his family and personal relationships, including his wife. When she announces she wants to go on a trip, Churchill accuses her of being selfish, which ignites her. She goes on the trip, leaving Churchill with the worry that she will not return or has started a shipboard romance with an art dealer. Eventually she does return and Churchill welcomes her with the same passion he has for his politics.
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