Trading Christmas (2011)

Trading Christmas (2011) : Trading Christmas: Widow Emily (Faith Ford) calls her BFF Faith (Gabrielle Miller) for sympathy when Emily's daughter Heather won't return to Oregon from college in Boston for Christmas. Emily will be alone in Oregon for Christmas because divorcee Faith now lives in a distant city. Emily trades houses for Christmas with Charles, a Boston professor. Charles is desperate to break his writer's block on his latest novel overdue at the publisher. Emily's attempt to surprise Heather for Christmas goes awry because Heather has secretly flown to Phoenix with her boyfriend. Adding insult to injury, Emily sets off Charles' silent burglar alarm. Summoned by the security company, Charles' brother Ray unlocks Charles' door and causes the police to walk in on Emily. Meanwhile, Faith tries to surprise Emily in Oregon for Christmas and she walks in on Charles. Romance buds in Boston while things are icy in Oregon.
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