Traitorous (1976)

1976 . . .
Traitorous: Another unsung kung fu gem from the mid-1970s and features surprisingly strong work by three second-rank stars of the era (Carter Wong, Polly Shang Kwan, Chang Yi) and a spectacular villainous turn by one of the future star-directors of the genre (Sammo Hung). The standard storyline benefits from a straightforward structure following the quest for vengeance by a boy who witnesses his parents' murders at the hands of corrupt officials. The boy's first move is to apprentice himself at Shaolin Temple to learn kung fu. After an extremely well-crafted training sequence (on a par with similarly-styled Shaw Bros. scenes), the boy grows up to be Carter Wong (BORN INVINCIBLE, WHEN TAEDWONDO STRIKES) and sets out to track down the murderous nobles.
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