VH1 Classic All Time Hits Vol.1 (2007)

2007 . . .
VH1 Classic All Time Hits Vol.1: 1. Duran Duran "The reflex" 1984-2. Godley Creme "Cry" 1985-3. Prince The Revol. "When doves cry" 1984-4. Suzanne Vega "Luka" 1987-5. The Police "Dont stand so close to me" 1980-6. Madness "Baggy Trousers" 1980-7. Elton John "A word in spanish" 1988-8. Lionel Ritchie "All night long" 1983-9. Bananarama "Venus" 1986-10. UB40 "Rat in my kitchen" 1986-11. Big country "Field of fire" 1983-12. Poison "Every rose has its thorn" 1988-13. Simple Minds "Dont you (forget about me)" 1985-14. The Bangles "If she knew what she wants" 1986-15. Billy Joel "Uptown girl" 1983-16. Murray Head "One night in Bangkok" 1984-17. J. Cocker J.Warnes "Up whee we belong" 1983-18. Dream Academy "Life in a northern town" 1985-19. Aswad "Dont turn around" 1988-20. The Cure "Why cant I be you?" 1987-21. George Harrison "Got my mind set on you" 1987-22. USA for Africa "We are the children" 1985-23. Supertramp "Its raining again" 1982-
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